5 Easy Steps to a New Body Image

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5 Easy Steps to a New Body Image

If you need a self image makeover, a way to love your body as it is; flaws and all, then you need to read these five easy steps to a new body image.

The National Eating Disorders association says, “Be comfortable in your genes,” and Sari Fine Shepphird, PhD thinks that’s a great message to share as it emphasizes how our bodies are shaped by genetics and that is something easily forgotten. When we look at our bodies in the mirror we tend to look more at what we don’t like rather than what we do like. We don’t like our big thighs or small breasts. We don’t like our cone shaped body or our too large hips. “We see our bodies as something to be looked at rather than used and appreciated,” Dr. Shepphird says.

We can’t compare our bodies to what we see on billboards or in magazines. Those bodies that the media portrays as the ideal body isn’t a normal women’s body and comparing ours to theirs is not comparing apples to apples. It’s more like comparing an apple to a turnip. But you can learn to embrace your body just as it; flaws and all. Here’s how.

#1: Be Positive

If every time you look in the mirror you put yourself down at what you see, you’re helping your negative self image along. Instead of looking at your flabby arms, focus on how you can improve them with muscle building exercises.

Instead of telling yourself that you need to lose 20 pounds of fat and then beating yourself up because you only lost 3, congratulate yourself on a small step taken. Celebrate the small victories that you make and focus more on solutions rather than the issues you have with your body. One step at a time, and all with a positive outlook on the end result.

#2: Be Nice

To yourself that is. Everyday write down ten things that you like about yourself. Try to split them 50/50, so that there are not ten things all about appearances. Your list could include that you like your slender neck, but that you also like your perseverance or patience. Change the time of day that you write your lists, or add to it through the day, so that your ‘nice list’ doesn’t become routine.

#3: Compare No More

Stop comparing yourself to others. Whether it’s the supermodel in the magazine you’re reading, your best friend or the stranger at the supermarket, just stop. You are who you are and by comparing yourself to others, you’re making a commitment to never measure up against them.

#4: Be Kind to Yourself

We are all harsher on ourselves then we would be with our family and friends. Try to be kinder to you. Treat yourself as you would a friend and see the difference that this act of kindness causes in your outlook.

#5: Find Your Style

If you tend to grab baggy clothes off of the rack to hide your body, stop. Wear something that you are comfortable in, but that doesn’t hide your body. Baggy clothes actually draw more attention to what you are trying to hide and they sure don’t make you feel good about your body. If you wear clothes that you look good in you will feel better about yourself.

Your attitude toward yourself plays a large part in your self-image. Give yourself an attitude adjustment and celebrate who you are.

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