Age the Healthy and Happy Way

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Age the Healthy and Happy Way

Growing older means going through several changes in terms of your health and body. These can be both positive and negative, depending on how you take care of yourself and handle the situation. Realizing the way in which your body is changing helps you in maintaining your health. Your skin and bones age, and your brain does not function in the same manner anymore when you get older. However, there are measures you can take to age in a healthy and happy way.

Your Body Evolves with Age

Bones: As you grow older, your bones weaken and become thinner. A change that is more noticeable in women, this condition of the bone is called osteoporosis. When your bones thin and their mass decreases, you are prone to falling, during which your bones may even break. Discuss this with your doctor and they will give you suggestions to prevent falls and weakened bones.

Heart: Regular exercise and a nutritious diet are the key to a healthy heart. Still, even if you take good care, it can become enlarged or the walls may become thick. In some cases, the heart rate also falls.

Brain: Your reflexes and senses change with growing age. Slight and seldom lapses in memory are normal but dementia is not. This happens because your nerve cells damage, and so your brain does not function in the same way. At times, tangles and plaques form, leading to abnormalities, which may eventually cause dementia.

Digestive System: Your digestive tract can become firm and rigid, which causes a problem in its contraction. Eventually, you may suffer from stomach pain, constipation, and other similar diseases. Eating a healthier diet will help you ease this up.

Senses: Senses are also impacted with growing age since your brain is affected. Your vision may decline and your healing power will decrease. Some people may also lose their taste sensation and might not be able to distinguish the different flavors. The senses of smell and touch are impacted. All these changes take place because your body slows down and does not react that quickly until stimulation is increased.

Teeth: Teeth are protected by a hardened material called enamel. As time passes, this material decays and wears off, leaving you more prone to cavities. Old age people also suffer from the gum diseases and dry mouth if they are taking certain medications. Good dental hygiene can help you in preventing this.

Skin: Your skin also becomes wrinkled because it becomes less elastic and starts sagging, causing wrinkles to appear. Stay away from the sun, and quit smoking if you want better looking skin. This will also prevent you from developing skin cancer.

Sex Life: When women grow older, they go through menopause. After this, they may experience some physical changes like a decrease in vaginal lubrication. As for men, they may develop erectile dysfunction.

Most of the above changes are natural. Accept them, but do not let them affect you in any negative way.

Staying Fit & Healthy

Indeed, you age as you grow older and your body changes, but you can always make sure this happens in a healthy way. While you should try to stay healthy throughout your life, if you have yet to start, now is better than never. Here is what you can do to ensure you age the healthy way.

  • Exercise on a regular basis.
  • Reach out to people, develop your social circle, and regularly interact with your friends and family.
  • Consume a healthy diet that is providing you all the nutrients according to the daily recommended values. Stay away from all sorts of junk food, and instead replace it with a diet that is rich in fiber and low in cholesterol.
  • Meet you doctor, dentist, and optometrist on a regular basis so that they can keep a track of the changes through your body is going.
  • Make sure you are taking all your prescribed medications.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking as much as you can.
  • Sleep well; you should have at least eight hours of sleep in a day.

With all the above suggestions, you take care of your physical health. Alongside you have to take care of your emotional health as well. Stay fit and stay happy, and you will enjoy every day of your life.

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