Healthy Tips for Efficient and Effective Weight Loss

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It is four weeks until the big event and you need to fit into that dress.  You head to the gym and do two hours of cardio three times per week.  You weigh yourself and find that you have indeed lost weight, but when you try on the dress, it does not fit any looser.  What gives?  The type of training one does has an impact.

A common myth is that people exercise to look good and that strength training is for men and body builders.  Cardiovascular exercise is a great way for increasing fitness levels.  In addition, it is a great way for reducing body fat levels.  Similarly, strength training is crucial for increasing muscle mass and for shaping the body in a healthy way.

The example listed previously describes a woman losing weight even though her dress did not fit any looser.  Most likely, this woman lost muscle mass rather than body fat.  While she may have overall lost weight, she did it in an inefficient manner.

Lose Weight the Safe Way

Losing weight the safe way means losing body fat, not muscle mass.  Muscle mass is important as we age; the older we get, the harder it is to add muscle mass.  If losing weight is on your list of exercise goals, consider the following for safer weight loss.

Interval Training

Interval training entails intervals of high-intensity exercise followed by rest.  The intervals of high-intensity exercise have been shown to produce the most beneficial health outcomes, is “fast-acting”, and to perform.  Some interval training programs include Crossfit programs, boot camps, and interval running, to name a few.  When looking to shape your body in a healthy way by reducing the amount of body fat, interval training is the exercise style that you need to try.


Spin classes are usually high-intensity based exercises blended with long-distance cycling.  Most classes are at least one hour in duration and they offer some of the best results for shredding body fat.  In order to lose body fat, the body needs to sweat.  Spin class is sure to make you sweat.  Start a spin program soon and track the progress by measuring your waist circumference every two weeks.

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga entails about 90 minutes in a room that is 105 degrees Fahrenheit.  While in this style of Yoga, the body sweats and releases toxins from the body, but it also shreds body fat.  Some individuals strictly attend hot Yoga when losing weight for this purpose.  Hot Yoga also shapes your body differently and adds muscle mass differently than traditional resistance training.  Yoga utilizes isometric muscle contractions, which will help produce long, slender muscle tone.

If weight loss is your current goal, aim to lose body fat and maintain muscle mass.  It is recommended and very helpful to have a personal trainer who can assist in your body transformation.  Shape your body in a healthy way by maintaining muscle mass.

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