Fish Oil – Nature’s Gift to Mankind

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Fish oil is drawn from the tissues of oily fish and is commonly available in the form of oil capsule supplements. Nothing less than nature’s gift to mankind, fish oil is instrumental in preventing inflammatory diseases and can even avert the risk of a stroke in people who already have a history of diseases related to the heart.

The American Heart Association consistently advises people to add fish in their daily food intake especially fatty fish twice a week because it plays an important role in keeping the heart healthy, thanks to the high dosage of fatty acids like omega 3 which is much needed by our body to function well. However, it cannot be produced by the body, which is why fish oil is seen as the primary source of the nutrient.

Health benefits of adding fish oil to our daily food intake are highlighted by a research that was recently carried out. It is interesting to note that fish oil:

  • Considerably brings down the amount of unhealthy fats in our body also known as triglycerides. It also plays a role in reducing cholesterol levels.
  • Lowers risk of stroke in individuals suffering from heart disease.
  • Diminishes the risk of heart disease making people less likely to end up with the disease.
  • Halts the process of the arteries hardening up by slimming down the buildup of atherosclerotic plaque.
  • Lowers risk of high blood pressure.

Further Advantages of Fish Oil

Reduction in Inflammation

Since omega 3 is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it plays a defining role in the reduction of inflammation in individuals suffering from painful conditions like osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis. The current proposed relief for these diseases is calcium supplements but fish oil also shows quite promising results.

One Solution to Many Problems

Known as brain food and brain tonic for the longest time, recent studies indicate that fish oil is capable of doing much more than just increasing brain power.

Fish oil can be of assistance to those with:

  • Attention deficit disorder
  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Other brain related disorders

Fish oil may also help in the eye and brain development of babies. Some promising studies show evidence that it may be the ultimate solution for stopping unhealthy wealth loss during intake of high potency cancer drugs. It can also diminish the amount of cancer cells from growing along with low rejection rates in kidney and heart transplant patients. Currently, research is being done of how fish oil can cure eye related diseases like glaucoma, dry eyes and macular degeneration in old patients.

Choosing Supplements or Fish

Since our body cannot produce omega 3 on its own, we need to make a choice between having fish and choosing supplements. Other alternatives can also be taking into consideration like walnuts rich in nut oils and vegetable oils such as linseed, flaxseed, canola and olive. If choosing supplements, it must be noted that exceeding the 3 gram dosage per day is harmful.

Beware Of Mercury Poisoning

Even though having fresh fish is the best alternative, high levels of mercury can be life threatening. Therefore when choosing fish, one should go for smaller fish like sardines instead of shark and swordfish; since small fish gather low mercury. Catfish, salmon and shellfish are also good alternatives. A safer alternative is to use Omega 3 supplements that do not carry the health risks associated with mercury poisoning.

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