Sexual Health in the Golden Years

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sex in golden years

The average age in the United States is growing and more individuals are living well in their 80’s, 90’s, and even 100’s. Thanks to improvements in healthcare and healthy lifestyles, humans are living longer and living independent lives much later in life. This increase in life expectancy also will place a demand on staying healthy mentally, physically, and sexually.

Many seniors enjoy and maintain sexual lives. Whether partnered or married, maintaining a sexual relationship can be one that helps keep the body efficient and happy. By the time an individual reaches senior status, safety is something that has been taught and mastered. Safety entails being able to perform duties based on what each individual’s body will allow, but also performing safe sex. Safe sex can allow for a fun and enjoyable moment with a partner. Listed below are some reasons to maintain a sexually active life.

Overall Better Health - Sexual release is something that allows the body, for men and women, to become relaxed. When one achieves orgasm, the body experiences a reduction in anxiety due to a hormonal release throughout the body. Endorphins, or the hormonal release, originate from the brain and are opiate-like hormones in the body. Endorphins are also common during rhythmic exercise. Runners experience a similar release of endorphins called the “runners high”. In addition to this hormone release, sexual intimacy can help keep the body trim. Sexual activity, a form of physical activity, burns calories, fat, glucose, and helps tone the body in certain areas.

Building Close Relationships - Engaging in sex can be a great way for two partners to build a relationship. The intimacy that is involved during coitus can help form a relationship so strong that it can help increase years to one’s life.

Increasing Communication - Understanding what makes you tingle is an important aspect in communicating to your partner what you enjoy. If you do not fully understand your body, how can you communicate what you like and vice-versa? By understanding what turns you on, you are increasing a large interpersonal skill that many younger individuals lack.

While there are many stereotypes regarding sex and aging, one thing to remember is that sex is healthy. By engaging in safe-sex procedures (which by now should be nothing), the health rewards are fruitful. One issue that many stereotype with aging is the male sexual dysfunction, or the inability to have an erection.

While for many, this is the case, for a large majority, this is not. Erectile dysfunction advertisements during football games are often a reminder that sometimes the hardware does not work properly and needs a little help. Staying healthy through regular exercise and a reasonable diet can help prevent sexual dysfunction.

While it is important to maintain a sexually active life, it is always advised to make sure the doctor gives consent. If under doctor’s supervision, be sure to follow all rules and directions concerning medications. Remember to listen to your body (bodies) during sexual intercourse and always communicate to your partner. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet and regular physical activity can help make sex an activity in which you can enjoy.

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