Sources Say U.S. Headed for Agricultural Collapse

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The United States is facing imminent agricultural collapse and starvation according to a recent NBC News report. Decades of unsustainable farming practices and over-consumption of our natural resources have depleted the nutrients in our soil.

The use of chemical fertilizers and herbicides like Roundup have reduced biodiversity and contributed to the growth of “superweeds” that threaten crops and are resistant to treatment.

But the final nail in the coffin, according to NBC News, is the inevitable depletion of The Ogallala Aquifer – a 10 million year-old underground well that supplies farmers in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska, our nation’s Breadbasket, with water for crop irrigation. The aquifer is expected to be dry within one century, leaving much of the mid-section of our country a vast dessert.

The doomsday scenario is, according to Natural News is not merely an academic projection – it’s inevitable. Aquifer water is not replenished by rainwater, as it is syphoned from deep underneath the earth’s surface. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. And it will be gone soon.

The pending agricultural collapse in our nation’s Breadbasket will cause food prices to rise dramatically. Ultimately, much of our country may face the very real prospect of starvation.

In the future, scientists may need to genetically modify the “superweeds” that are now growing on nearly half of all American farms to infuse them with nutrients that will become our nation’s new food source. Roundup-resistant Amaranth varieties, which are a result of the overuse of herbicides, may, in the next century, become the mainstay of the American diet.

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