Using Your Intuition to Prevent Illness

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 With so many people racing to find a cure, why aren’t more health professionals talking about prevention? If we were able to prevent illness, we would no longer need to search for cures. Prevention would be the “cure.” To that end, one of the greatest forms of illness prevention is your own intuition.

Quick story: A week into being 24 years old, I ran a red light on a busy street but  had no idea I did it. My friend who was with me freaked out and yelled: “Lyse, you just ran a red light!” I really was not present enough to notice but believed her and as I looked back in my mirror at the traffic going straight through where I turned left. My heart dropped into my stomach. I knew something was wrong. At the time I did not have health insurance, so I called Blue Cross, threw down my Amex and got myself a sweet PPO. I’m not a hypochondriac, but I just knew in my gut that something was up — I don’t do things like run red lights. My mother had MS and I had thought maybe this is an early symptom, “maybe I didn’t see the light in my peripheral vision,” but either way, I listened to my gut.

A week later I was in the shower when I discovered a lump in my right breast, followed quickly by a lump in my armpit. A trip to the doctor revealed stage three breast cancer. Thank goodness I had insurance! When all was said and done, these new breasts rang in at over $300,000 with all the surgeries, chemo and radiation!

But all joking aside, listening to my intuition when I found the lump took me to the cancer center to get a biopsy and a mammogram even after my doctor told me not to worry about it, “that it’s probably a cyst. You’re so young!” It also kept me from being bankrupt by cancer. . And now, here I am — 11 years later, healthy and happy because I trusted my intuition.

So how does this apply to you? I want you to think back to a time that you just KNEW something was going to work out the way it did. Not on faith, but because you felt it with your entire being. And equally, think back to a time when you knew something wasn’t going to work out, but you pursued it anyway. Your intuition has been there guiding you the entire time. That’s what it’s there for — to protect you! So why not let it protect you against illness?

Logically “knowing something is bad for you” is much different than ignoring your gut instinct that’s telling you that doing or not doing this (whatever “this” is) will push you over the edge health-wise. Truth be told, if you eat like shit all the time, you will get sick. Our bodies are not created to process what I call “plastic food” that is over-processed and made mostly of carbs and sugar. If you eat these things all the time and start to feel different or awful, tune into your intuition. Listen deeply to how bad your body feels it’s gotten or far it’s gone. Your body will tell you when enough is enough, all you need to do is listen.

The thing about your intuition is it will never shut up. It will always be there to remind you that you need to make a change or your body will stop functioning without medical aid.

So why do we ignore our instincts when they’ve been gifted to us to save our lives? Here are a few reasons:

  •      We might not feel worthy or deserving of being healthy or being saved.
  •      We’ve become lazy or complacent — it’s just “easier” to keep doing the same thing.
  •      We don’t trust our intuition because we think we know better.
  •      We want to keep indulging or hurting ourselves and we think we can handle the consequences.
  •      We (consciously or subconsciously) like the attention of people always asking how we’re doing when we’re down or unwell.
  •      We have gotten into such a habit of complaining that we forgot that life is meant to be joyful.

The truth is that YOU ARE WORTHY or feeling great and being happy everyday! You don’t have to be living a perfect life without regrets to deserve joy and wellness. Life is hard enough — give yourself some credit for just waking up and getting out of bed everyday. YOU ARE AWESOME!

Once you’ve got that under your belt, the rest of the possible reasons go away.

An easy confidence booster is to start listening and trusting your intuition.

Q: How do I know what my intuition sounds like?

Here is a little tool I learned from my friend and colleague, Leah Collery. I put my own spin on it for the purposes of you reading this, so find a quiet space as easily as you can and start with step 1:

  1.     Take a deep breath.
  2.     Think of something you know to be 100% true (the sun comes out everyday or that you love someone specific like your partner or your pet).
  3.     Close your eyes for a minute while you think about this perfect truth and start to notice where you feel a tingle in your body (stomach, chest, face find the one that is calling your attention).
  4.     Now reset, open your eyes and take another breath.
  5.     Next, think of something that you know is a lie, something wrong (the sky is made of fish or that you hate someone that you actually really love).
  6.     Close your eyes again and as you continue to think about this, tune into what flares up or tingles when you tell yourself this untruth.
  7.     Take a final breath to reset.
  8.     If you have the time, do the truth test again to end on a happy note (think of something true).

Take note of the difference in physical sensations in your body when you tell yourself the truth versus a lie. This is your body’s barometer acting as a physical manifestation for your intuition.

For example: If you thought about how much you loved your dog and your tummy tingled, then you thought about how you hate your dog (when you really do love your dog) and your chest tightened, then that is your personal GPS of the truth and lies. Pretty cool, right?

The more you do this exercise, the louder your intuition will speak to you. As things shift in your life, such as breakups, diagnoses, new job opportunities and inspiration in general, you will be able to ask yourself if that potential situation is true and right for you.

And if your body is screaming at you to stop eating sugar or slow down the soda and processed foods, please start listening. You are the boss of this job called YOUR LIFE. And you ARE WORTHY and totally DESERVE HEALTH and HAPPINESS! Your body is pretty amazing, and you’ve likely already put it through hell and back at some point.

So let’s make a commitment together to honor our bodies, and our intuition. Life will become much simpler if you truly receive this gift to honor yourself and your sixth sense.

One last encouraging tip is to keep an “intuition journal.” Start writing down every time you were right about something that was going to happen, equally journaling when you ignored your instinct and something went wrong.

You’ll begin to validate yourself and peel away the onion layers that are the energies connecting all of us. You are a part of that energy. So take care of YOU. You have a lot to offer! And remember — you’re pretty awesome.

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